If you are a SMB or an Enterprise company, there's a higher chance that you use a number of on-premises or SaaS-based applications to keep your business up and running. These applications include IT monitoring, log management, project management, team collaboration and help desk tools. AlarmsOne seamlessly integrates with all these applications to centralize your alert management in one console. Being a SaaS-based application, AlarmsOne can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Integration is just the first step

UiPath Robotic Process Automation

With UiPath you benefit of a highly non-intrusive, industry standard automation tool that works with all major desktop, web, ERP suite, and Citrix (virtual desktops) applications in minutes. UiPath also comes with a powerful image recognition technology, and it can recognize controls and text, too. It sees the user interface like a human, even in those Citrix-enabled virtualized environments.